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     Your anger and resentment has fueled the adrenaline that is now coursing through your veins.  The lock clicks and the door again swings open.  The dark form steps into the frame of the door again  His arrival is not greeted with silence this time.  You begin to scream vehemently. 


"Just do it you crazy fuck!   Kill me already!  What the fuck do you want?"  You wail.


 Your eyes flare with rage and hatred as you struggle against the cold steel around your wrists.  The man remains quiet, but takes a couple of steps into the room.   The heater kicks on again as the rush of cold air swirls through the room.  His face becomes more dimensional as the warm light grows, illuminating his face from below in that creepy way kids scare each other with a flashlight placed on their chin.  The memory of the attractive man in the park suddenly floods back.  Snippets of the events leading up to your capture flash through your recollection.  He stands there motionless as you flail against the chains.  A few more inches would have put him close enough to you to touch.  The adrenaline in your veins begins to fade with your fruitless exertion.  Your screams begin to fade into a muffled cry.  You pull your knees up to your chest and bury your head into them, weeping uncontrollably.  You hear him shift his position and raise your head enough to see his face, still illuminated by the heater. 


"Thats more like it."  He croaks in a voice laced with sexual gratification.  You watch as a huge disgusting smile splits his lips and he turns and closes the door behind him. 

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