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You quicken your pace as you make your way across the parking lot, trying your best not to appear like some hungry lioness in pursuit of her latest prey.  Your path crosses in behind him, slowing slightly as you near the coffee stand.  The warm breeze carries the sweet musk of his scent directly into your nose.  You drink him in, closing your eyes and savoring the sweet spicy aroma.  You feel it warm your entire body.  You open your eyes just in time to see that he has stopped abruptly in front of you to pick up a penny. You nearly fall over him, awkwardly changing your balance and just barely dancing around him in an uncomfortable stumble.  He straightens up and looks over at you with a coy smile.  You are pretty sure he knows you weren't paying attention prior to the near collission, you just hope he doesn't know why.  The blood rushes to your cheeks.  Caught red-handed.   


"I'm getting lucky"  he says jokingly. The blush in your cheeks deepens to a shade of crimson that makes it impossible to doubt that your mind is hopelessly lost in the gutter.  


You stammer, trying to come up with some way of responding to such a bold statement but he continues before you can.


"Lucky." He states, holding the shiny penny in the air. "It was heads up."


You take a breath, relieved that he let you off the hook, whether intentional or not.  


"Need a caffeine kick?"  he asks, the words floating from his perfect mouth.  


You again struggle to come up with some witty retort but all you come up with is "Yup".





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