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Suddenly a stream of ice cold water pummels your body.  You cough and choak as the water breaches your mouth and flows down your throat.  You throw your hands up in front of your face, fending off the wet attack.  The man stands casually, fingers clutching the trigger of the metal attachment.  Your body rattles uncontrollably as the frigid water pours over you.  He aims the stream of water between your legs, blasting the excrement from the floor and cruelly abusing the delicate folds of your body.   After what seems an eternity, he releases the trigger and water abruptly stops, dripping from the end of the barrel.  You choke and sputter in the cold and begin to feel your body convulsing as all warmth escapes your skin.  Your hand pulls against the chains and you become suddenly aware that the combonation of water and congealed blood around your wrists have blended into a slick lubricant.  Your gaunt and malnourished hands slide through the restraints and you catch them with your fingertips to keep them from clanking to the floor.  


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