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You take a step back, slightly offended by the notion that you intentionally ran him down in cold blood.  


"Thats a little harsh don't you think?  I didn't run you down, you drove behind my car while I was pulling out!" you defend "I checked behind me before I pulled out!  You probably weren't paying attention or you would have seen me!"


"Christ!  You ARE high strung aren't you?"  he laughs.  "I was kidding.....relax there speed racer."


"Oh....." you spit out meekly, trying to force a laugh. 


"Well let me atleast give you my number in case you decide you want to go to the hospital later"  You spin around and grab your purse from the front seat, searching for a pen and a scrap of paper.  


"Well I would have given you my number, you didn't need to run me over to get it."  


You swing around, rosy cheeked and find that same smug smile slapped across his face.  The combonation of frustration, adrenaline and embarrassment begin culminate in a scene as your breath quickens and your heart races.  


"Relax....relax.." he snickers.  Obviously enjoying your pain. 


You hand him a business card and write your cell number on the back in shaky handwriting.  

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