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"Here..." you state in a short and slightly annoyed voice, shoving the business card his way. "Seriously though...let me know if you decide to go to the hospital.  You really should get checked out."  you cringe as your mother's voice  suddenly leaps from your mouth.  


He mounts his battered steed and rides off across the parking lot.  You laugh a little to yourself as you notice a wobble in the front wheel.  You get back in your car and make a second attempt at backing out, this time without striking any pedestrians.  You are pleased to see that you aren't the only one trickling into the parking lot a few minutes late.  You manage to sneak to your desk virtually unnoticed.  You slunk into your office chair and exhale a long sigh....trying to force out the stress as your breath leaves your body.  You sit at the desk for a long time just staring blankly at the screen, waiting for the shaking to subside from the adrenaline still coursing through you.  The day drags on slowly.  At some point Angela, the office Amazon, makes an unwanted visit to your desk, dropping off a ridiculous amount of files that the boss expects you to complete over the weekend.  


    The day has taken alot out of you,  You look forward to getting home and pouring yourself a tall glass of wine.  You wander up the stairs to your 2nd floor apartment and push through the door, balancing the stack of files against your chest.  You drop them on the nearest coffee table and let your jacket slide off your shoulders onto the floor.  You wander to the kitchen and promptly pull out a wine glass and a bottle of white zin, filling the glass to the rim.    You flop down in your favorite overstuffed chair and take a long satisfying drink of your wine.  You spend the evening flipping through tv channels, finally settling on a mindless chick flick.  You finish off a couple of robust glasses of wine and retire to the bathroom for a bubble bath, with another glass of wine of course.  You light up some candles and sink down neck deep in the sudsy bubbles.  You soak until the combonation of wine and heat finally drives you out of the bathroom and deposits you into the warmth and comfort of your bed.  You are asleep before your head hits the pillow.  



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