You lunge forward from your position, wielding the hammer.  The orange glow reflects off your eyes, adding a sinister visual effect to the hatred burning beneath your skin.  You race towards him.  He instantly drops the tray and catches your arm as you attempt to bury the hammer in his skull.    A gaping wound opens on his knuckle as he deflectes the hammer's blow.  You raise the hammer again in a raging fury but he immediately catches your hand and bends it painfully backwards until you drop the hammer.  The whole event seems to happen in slow motion.  You scream out in pain and frustration as you watch the hammer tumble through the air and bounce off the concrete several times.  You bring your gaze back to his and you are met with the face of pure evil.   He bends your wrist further back, dropping you to your knees.  Still he twists the already abused joint until you hear a blood curdling crack.  Pain sears your hand and races up your arm.  You scream out again.  Your outcry is cut short as a blow strikes you in the temple from the right.  Your vision reverberates as you collapse to the ground.  In your fading vision you see him tuck a gun back into his waistband.  Blackness fills your vision and a hum, much like that of the heater consumes you. 


     You wake up in darkness, unable to move.  You feel as though you are tightly wrapped in something.  You can move your head but your arms are pinned closely at your sides and your legs are bound at the ankles.  There is no light whatsoever.  You scream but the sound is noticeable muted even to your own ears.   You head is pounding and almost as quickly as you gained conciousness, it is again ripped from you. 


    You regain your thoughts again some time later.  You can sense motion now.  You strain your ears to place the familiar sound in the background.  Its a vehicle.   You are in a car.  You scream as loud as you can.  It still sounds muffled but you are sure if you are in a car then someone will hear you.   The only reply you receive is the sound of a radio with the volume being steadily increased.  You can only make out the intermittant base, but you now know who the driver is.