Just as you are reconsidering your plan of attack, he moves forward again, perhaps realizing he can't slide the tray without spilling the water.  You hold your crouch, sinking in deeper like a cat poised to pounce.  His tall silhouette moves towards you.  He stands in front of you and your hand begins to shake in anticipation.   He bends his knees and begins to stoop down in front of you with the tray.  It's exactly as you had pictured it.  You grip the hammer tightly and with a single sweeping motion you swing the hammer from beneath your thigh, behind you and over your head and down onto your captor's head.  Your first strike deals a glancing blow, opening up a huge gash just below his temple along his cheekbone.  His hands thrust upward, dropping the plastic tray and sending it bouncing and sliding across the wet floor.  You lunge forward on your knees and scamper for the door.  As you reach the threshhold he grabs your ankle, pulling you flat against the concrete floor.  You glance back over your shoulder at him.  He looks up at you with an expressionless calm....and then...that same smile creeps slowly across his lips.  His eyes are black, like a shark.  He bears his teeth at you in that sickening grin that first ensnared you.  You kick wildly at his face, grazing him once on the cheek and landing another squarely on his jaw.  Fear floods your body as you feel the hope drain from your body.  You claw at the threshhold of the door and suddenly realize that you are still clutching the small hammer in your right hand.  You twist your body over and once again bring the hammer down on his head.  This time the blow lands squarely in the center of his head.  You feel the bone give way as the claw end of the hamer sinks into his skull.  He releases his grip and you claw your way towards the door on all fours.   You clammer out the door, slowly climbing to a standing position as you sprint down the hall, screaming for help.  You burst through door after door, desperately seeking the exit.  The long hallways and heavy metal doors are reminiscent of some horrific nightmare that just won't end.  Suddenly you burst through one of the doors and are blinded by a stark white light.  You throw your hands over your eyes and stumble forward helplessly.  A loud honk blares and a violent impact strikes you, throwing you mercilously to the ground.  You lie there looking upwards into the blue sky. Overhead there are several white clouds floating by.  On each side of you are tall broad leafed trees swaying in the breeze.  You can hear several birds chirping away but they are quickly drowned out by the screams and chatter of the gathering crowd  Concerned onlookers circle around you bend over you, covering your naked body with jackets.  You see their lips moving but your eardrums fade to that familiar hum.   A smile crosses your face as you close your eyes and allow exhaustion to consume you.  You are saved.