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     You open your eyes again and this time you are greeted with the intense light of day.  You squint your eyes, wanting desperately to open them and drink in the daylight you have craved for so long, but your pupils fight vehemently as the foreign rays beat down on you.

Slowly your aversion to the light subsides and you are able to crack open your lids.  Above you, you can see trees towering above you, waving in the wind.  There is a sweet earthy smell around you and the scent of pine needles is swept into your nostrils on a fresh breeze.   You can still feel that your hands and feet bound but the fresh air and sunlight provides a moment of sweet solace.  


     Your momentary peace is shattered when a dark figure blots out the beautiful trees and peers down at you.   You see that same phychotic smile smear across his face as he looks down.  He turns and walks out of sight.  It is at this moment that you begin to recognize where you are.  You are in a hole. You can just make out the dirt sides in your periperal vision.  blades of grass lean over the edge from above, as if reaching for you.  You begin to panic.  You aren't free, you are laying in your grave.  The shadowy figure returns....this time with a shovel.   You feel the weight of a load of dirt pound down onto your chest.  Dust flies into your eyes and clogs your nostrils.  You sputter and choke.  You try to let out a scream but quickly become aware that something has been jammed into your mouth, a gag of some sort.  Again and again the heavy loads slam down on you, becoming heavier with each accumulation.  You can still see him, leering down at you.   He smiles again and waves at you like a child as he tosses a shovel full of dirt on your face.   Your eyelids slam shut instinctively but you fight to open them under the weight of the dirt, desperate to take your last look at the sun, but it's too late.  The shovelfuls come down faster and faster.  The load on your chest begins to squeeze the air from your lungs.  You still manage to keep pulling in small amounts of oxygen along with dirt and rubble through your nose, but the weight becomes increasingly debilitating.  You take one long final breath and scream with all your might.  As the air escapes your chest one final time, your lungs collapse under the pressure and you are no longer able to breath.  Your eyes widen as death sweeps over you, and the earth claims your body.  

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