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You drive back home, unsure of what you hoped to accomplish by stalking such dangerous people.  You are just thankful that they didn't see you.   You wander into your apartment, still lost in confusion about what happened to Jen.    You grab a glass from the cupboard and pour yourself a tall glass of wine.  You plop yourself down on the couch and stare mindlessly at the blank screen of the tv, letting your mind wander and explore all the horrible scenarios that may have befallen your friend.  You take a few more slugs of your wine and decide to go take a bath, taking your half a glass of wine with you.   You fill the tub with hot water and dump in some foaming bubbles.  You take off your clothes and step into the tub, sinking up to your neck in the warmth.   You allow your emotions to take hold and you close your eyes, the sounds of your weeping echo off the tiled walls.  The sobs racking your body eventually subside and you sit up from your reclined position,  Almost immediately your head starts to swim and a sickening nausea creeps into the pit of your stomach.  Too much hot water, you tell yourself.  You try to pull yourself to a standing position but your body refuses to cooperate.  A tingling numbness races through your body as you slump back against the wall of the tub.   You begin to panic as your head gets closer to the water's surface.  You fumble with your toes and manage to pull the plunger from the drain hole.  You close your eyes, thankful for your quick thinking but still confused by your state.  You listen to the sound of the water sucking down the drain as you breath deeply and try to regain your clarity. Suddenly the draining water abruptly stops.  Your eyes flash open and you are frozen in fear as your eyes fall upon Talon, in his uniform, with his hand in the far end of the tub, replugging the drain.   You open your mouth to scream but his hand is over your mouth before you can utter a sound. 


"I changed my mind"  he says quietly, throwing a sinister smile your way. 


You try to fight but your body feels as though it's paralyzed. 


"You made it easy" he smirks, holding up the glass in his other hand.  You immediately recognize the sensation in your body as the same one from the club that night.  Terror seizes you as he sits there watching you.  After a couple moments he removes his hand from your mouth.  You try to scream, but the drugs have encapsulated you in their grip.  He places his hand on your head and ever so gently pushes you down into the water.  Your wet body slides resistantless down the back of the tub and below the surface.  Bubbles escape your mouth and your nose as his distorted face glares down at you from above the veil of water over your eyes.  The wobbly fog of the water grows more and more opaque as the lack of oxygen clouds your brain.  You take one final watery breath and drift away.

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