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"This weekend was amazing" he blurts out, looking a bit sheepish after saying so. 


" was...." You reply dreamily.  The two of you embrace and you share a long kiss as you walk up the stairs.  You glance back over your shoulder to make sure he is watching you....he is.    He nods his head at you and flips the visor closed.  The engine roars to life, raising goosebumps on the back of your neck.  You take a ragged breath, still trying to shake off the passion of the weekend.  He drives off down the road as the sun sets in the distance.  The sky seems to be breathing a life of its own.  Deep purple shadows streak across the sky, emminating from the heavy clouds in the eastern sky.  Some of the clouds illuminate in bright creamsicle oranges and strawberry cream pinks.   You cock your head and watch him disappear around the corner, feeling like you are watching the final credits of some intense romantic drama.  


     Monday morning doesn't seem so intrusive as you slowly regain conciousness.  You roll over slowly to check the time and the clock blinking back a usually terrifying sight.....12:00.......12:00......12:00.  Flashes back at you.  A momentary concern flashes through your mind, but quickly fades as an afterthought to your overwhelming good mood.  You sweep into the bathroom to complete the daily tast of polish and shine, grabbing your phone on the way to confirm that you aren't running late.   You tear off your daily coffee filter and stand there, glowing as the coffee maker gurgles away.  You let out a deep sigh as you recall the memories of the weekend.   You finish up early and head out the door, feeling like your soul has been refreshed.  


    You spring out the front door and even flash a smile at the feathered heathan perched high on his pole.  He is angrily squawking at the halo of smaller angry birds circling his head.  You are sure you notice a glimmer of disappointment in his shiny black eyes, realizing your change in attitude.  His volume elevates, probably to dissuade you from your mood, but nothing is going to do that today, least of all the lice ridden minion on the wires.  You shrug your shoulders and breath in the warm air.  It's going to be a good day.  

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