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     You arrive at work and it seems that everyone is in a great mood, greeting you with warm welcomes at every turn.  You aren't sure if it's because of the shit-eating grin you have plastered across your face or if they had as good of a weekend as you did.  You float into your boss's office and proudly deliver the pile of reports you had so diligently completed.  You acknowlege Mr. McAllister graciously as you place the stack on the corner of his desk and you turn and leave the office, walking with an aire of confidence and satisfaction.  


     You and Shawn continue your electric romance over the course of the next few months.  You share your lunch hours and after hours together every day, and spend the weekends riding, talking and having unbelievable mind blowing sex.   It's the first relationship you can recall that seems to get steamier with each passing day rather than dull and boring.  You find yoursel falling deeply for this incredible man, despite your efforts to keep it light and frivilous.  You wonder if he feels the same way.  


     One random Tuesday you walk into the office in your usual jubilant mood and are stopped by Mr. McAllister.


 "I was hoping to have an opportunity to speak with you this afternoon." He informs you in a very managerial tone.  


    You are a little caught off-guard by the sudden accostment, but you are confident in the work you've been producing as of late.  You agree to meet him at 10:30 that morning.  That confidence remains constant right up until the moment you actually step into the elevator to go meet him.  It doesn't seem to matter what the reason, he has an uncanny abillity to make your doubt yourself.  You climb into the elevator and much to your dismay you are greeted by the snide half-smile of Susan.  She always manages to find herself at the forefront of any office happenings.  You're not sure if she follows office drama like a accident lawyer or if it follows her.  You flash her a very unconvincing smile and turn your back to her, facing the elevator doors.  "Where are YOU going?"  she asks in her typical snide nosey tone.  

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