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"Yes she is."  feeling a bit uncomfortable about the lightness of the conversation. "I didn't know you were married?"


"I'm not, yet."  He retorts in a soft wistful voice.


"Why not?"  The minute the words leave your mouth, you regret it.  This guy is your boss. What the hell are you doing?  You can't have a normal human conversation with the devil himself.  You curse yourself under your breath for being so brash.  


"That's a good question," he says thoughtfully.  "I'm not sure.  I guess because I'm afraid she would say no.  I'm not exactly a knight in shining armor.  I think people view me more as the devil." he laughs incredulously as your stomach flips, having just made the same assumption. 


You wonder what the hell you are doing carrying on this conversation, but this complete transformation of the man in front of you is completely sucking you in.   You've suddenly gone from humble employee to phychotherapist in 30 seconds flart.  You mind races with possible ways to pull this meeting back into the realm of professional.  


"Well the woman in the picture sure looks like she would say yes"   you state confidently, hoping that your choice of words will ground this line of query permanently.  

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