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You make your way to the ladder, shaking your head at his mischieveous smile.  You pause for a moment, remembering that you are completely nude under the button down cover.  You hold your breath and climb the ladder.  You reach down for him to hand you the brush and are ecstatic to see that his face is drenched in crimson, and he is wearing a smile that no amount of facial control could hide. He hands you the brush and you begin painting.  


"Careful" he quietly warns with duplicity.


His hands move from the ladder to your calves and make their way up your thighs, holding you steady while he caresses your skin with his thumb.  His touch is driving you wild.  You feel a drop of pearlescent moisture escape from your body and trickle down your leg. Self doubt races through you as the droplet of eroticism races down your inner thigh.  You close your eyes and pray that it goes unnoticed. Your hope is dashed when he runs his hands up your leg and between your legs, touching the glistening drop and rubbing its lubrication further up your thigh, sending shivers through your body.  You stand and revel in the sensation for a moment but quickly decide that your knees are going to give out any minute.  You climb down the ladder, into his embrace.  He wraps his arms around you, pressing his chest into your back again.  He leans in close,  nestling his mouth into the soft curve of your neck.  


"Thank you for your help"  he whispers, his breath hotter now than before. 


Every word that escapes his lips drives you insane.  You have never felt so on the brink.  You feel as though you could lose control at any moment.  You twist your body and face him, still in his embrace.  


"You are such a tease!"  you blurt out unedited


He stares back at you with an burning intensity in his eyes and a smile on his lips. "Who said I was teasing you?"

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