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You catch a warm glow out of your peripheral vision an roll your head to see flames licking up the sides and front of what remains of the front of your car.  Smoke begins to fill the interior of the car and the flames grow taller and more virulent.  You can feel the heat radiating from the growing inferno, but you are still unable to move.  You try to call for help but between your dazed state and the impact your chest took, you are unable to make a sound.  Someone runs over to teh side of the car and pulls on the door handle, but the crumpled door won't budge.  They reach in awkwardly through the once square opening of the driver's side door and try to pull you out but you are hopelessly pinned.  


"Don't worry!  We're gonna get you outta there!"  the stranger yells frantically....but you hear a tone in their voice that is not one of hope. 


You see another man running towards your car with a garden hose. Looking back to your right you can see an ocean of flame swirling and flowing across the floorboards of the passenger side.  You watch in awe of the beautiful swirls and waves of heat and flame, moving like a thick viscous liquid across the floor mat.    How intriguing how it suddenly changes form and begins to move up the sides of the carpet like a smooth writhing organism, consuming all in its path.  You hear a pop to your left and roll your head that direction to find that the flames are now lapping over the edge of the door, popping the side mirror.  You peer through the heat distortion and see flashing lights reflecting back at you through the shattered surface.  You begin to feel the itensity of the flames but your head injury makes it difficult to comprehend the situation.  Within seconds the entire vehicle is consumed in flame.  You wait patiently, watching yourself, expecting someone to pull you from the inferno, but no one comes.  The smoke becomes thicker and thicker until you are unable to see anything other than the walls of your tomb.  You hear screaming in the distance, muted by the roar of the flames.  The smoke pours into the interior and you hear the rear window explode in the heat. You look down at your hand and watch the flesh beginning to peel back from the muscular structure of your hand.  The heat intensifies and your hearing is drowned out by the crackling of you own skin as it burns.  You feel as though you are looking down on yourself as your body bursts into flames. Your eyes rupture as the fluid in them boils in the severe heat.   You drift further and further from the blaze until the scene fades into nonexistance. 

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