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You head off to the shower and turn up the temperature until steam is pouring out from the sides of your flimsy shower curtain.    You step in and let the hot water stream over your shoulders.  You roll your head back and forth and start to realize just how much stress last night's episode has had on you.   You rub your left shoulder with your right hand, working on a stubborn kink between your earlobe an the dip next to your collar bone.   You groan a little, wishing there was someone else around to rub it for you.  Massage never seems to be as effective when you try to do it yourself.  As you stand there massaging your stress ridden muscles you hear your home phone begin to ring away in the other room.   The message machine picks up in its usual jovial greeting, one recorded by you years ago.  


"Hi, um my name is Cole Mathews.  I found your Id and your debit card at the park the other day.  I hope this is the right number...."


Your ears immediately perk up, thrilled at the prospect of having to track down proof of identity to get yourself another driver's license. 

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