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     You decide to bite your tongue.  Losing your job today would certainly not be on the top of your priority list.  You stare at the floor for the duration of the barrage of demeaning insults.  They begin to trail off as he turns and walks towards his office.  For the 6.5 seconds that it takes for him to get out of range, it seems that every eye in the building is glued to the scene, and then, almost if by magic, the entire gathering disperses as if nothing had ever happened.    It seems that every time there is any kind of blow-up in the office, everyone goes on high alert.  All hands on deck poised and ready for someone to pull out an AK-47 and start laying waste to the entire place.  Well that might be overstating it.  They atleast all gather in hopes that some poor soul will break down into an emotional puddle, weeping uncontrollably, giving them some semblance of satisfaction with their own life.  Its rarely that exciting however.  The inevitable gossip is the only guaranteed product of any event.  By the time you step onto the 3rd flood, the story of the morning has taken on a life of its own;  like some sick game of telephone, the truth is so skewed by the time it reaches the original party it's not even worth an explanation.  


     As the door opens on the stuffy elevator you take a deep breath, preparing yourself for the inevitable onslaught of chatter.  The first happy face to greet you is Susan, leering over the first desk in the office.  She looks at you and grins a devious smile, bending down, eyes still locked on you, whispering in the desk bimbo's ear about god knows what.  


     Rolling your eyes and shaking your head slightly, you take another breath and begin to walk the obstacle course of rumor mills between the elevator and your cozy little corner of hell.   By the time you reach your black office chair, you gave been informed that you've had an affair with the boss, been fired, and had a sexual tryst in the parking lot with Ristain.  Busy day, and it's look at the clock....9:15am.  You slump into your office chair.  How could this day get any better?

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