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     You breath a sigh of relief as he completes his message ,straining through the sound of the water and the fan to hear him.


"Ill try this number again later and hopefully we can get together so I can get this back to you.  I lost mine once and it was a real pain i the ass to get it replaced.  I'll try back again.  Thank you."  click


You exhale a disgusted scoff.  No phone number!  Who doesn't leave a phone number.    You finish your shower, jump out and towel off.  You listen to the message again, writing down, "Cole Matthews"  on a post it note and hanging it on the fridge.  You grab your phone and google the name in the surrounding area.  You write down the number on the post it note and dial it up.  




"May I speak with Cole Matthews"  you ask in a polite and anxious tone, 


"This is him"  he responds in a slightly effemminate voice.  Nothing like the strong deep tone on the message.  Maybe the machine had distorted it.  


"Um...I think you just called me"  you question timidly.  "You said you found my ID and my debit card"


"Nope, not me"  He sings back in a slightly annoyed voice. "You must have the wrong guy, sorry."


You apologize and hang up the phone.  You google the name again but his is the only one that comes up in the area.  He must be unlisted.   



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