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You throw on some comfy clothes and spend the rest of the morning finding whatever documentation you can to get your ID, just in case Mr.  Matthews doesn't decide to call you back.   You decide to stay in for the afternoon and evening, since obviously this guy isn't going to leave a number if he calls back. . You are really hoping that you'll find a way to avoid the agonizing process of getting a new license.  You are fairly certain that hell looks alot like the DMV.  Standing there in the kitchen you decide that your apartent is an absolute disaster so you make the choice to clean it up and take a little pride in yourself.   God knows you haven't exactly been the most concientous person over the past few months.   A change in habits might do you some good.  You scower the entire abode, scrubbing the bathroom until it shines and washing floors until you are certain you may have to go to work on Monday on all fours.  The whole place literally reeks of Pine Sol and Mr.  Clean by the time you are done.  You are tempted to order chinese and eat it on the bathroom floor, just because you can.  You lounge around on the couch, enjoying the satisfaction of having burned all the sensory nodes out of your nose.  It smells like you shoved a lemon up your nose and left it there.  You drink some wine and make an early night of it.  Only putting down a few glasses of wine, to avoid the inevitable headache that any more will dole out on you in the morning.  


    You wake up Sunday morning to the overwhelmingly clean smell of the apartment.  You feel great. Like you've turned over a new leaf.  The though of going to the gym crosses your mind for the first time in months.  

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