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You yell into Jen's ear, desperately trying to outvolume the resonating base.   "Water" is all that manages sneak through pulsing rythems.  She turns and looks at you with the same lost and dazed look that you assume is on your own face.  She grabs you by the hand and the two of you make your way back across the floor and scale the stairs.   You both cling to handrails and chairbacks to balance yourselves for the long trek back, finally finding your respective spots and slipping into them with a liquid quality.  


"Are you guys ok?"  Talon asks in a less than concerned voice. 


"Water"  is all either of you manage to choke out.  It is far too hot in here and both of you have obviously pushed yourselves way too hard on the dancefloor, judging by the waves of nausea and disorientation crashing over you.   Talon motions to the scantily clad waitress and orders a couple waters.  You notice him smile and nod to Cade across the table.  


    You are becoming less and less capable of holding your head upright.  It's as if suddenly your skull weighs a hundred pounds and the muscles in your neck are functioning like old worn out elastic.  You look out over the dance floor as your head sways back and forth, leaving gleaming tracers across your vision with every motion.  The world seems to be moving slow motion.  The strobing lights and throngs of dancers fade in and out of focus.  You can feel the bass pounding your chest but all you can hear is a high pitched ringing in your ears.  Every fiber in your body is telling you to get outside to get some fresh air, but you feel completely incapable of moving your body by any will of your own,  you feel strangely like a marionette without a puppeteer.  You sway your head towards Cade and Talon. The two of them appear to be carrying on a conversation, completely oblivious to you and your friend's perilous state.  You swivel your gaze to Jen, trying to force words from your mouth but no words come.  You watch as Jen's eyes roll back into her skull and her head crashes forward, slamming onto the table and sending her drink spilling across the table and into Talon's lap.  



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