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"Goddamnit!  You stupid bitch!"   He yells as he leaps to his feet.  


You watch helplessly as Cade grabs Jen by the back of her hair and pulls her violently back to a sitting position.  The two men nod at one another and you see Cade grab Jen around the waist and pull her to his side in a seemingly gallant fashion.  Her head slumps lifelessly against her chest.  Her usually immaculate hair hangs in damp matted tendrils in front of her face.  You are suddenly aware that Talon is standing next to you and pulling you to a standing position also.  Your knees buckle and collapse under the weight of your body.   You turn to him and try to thank him and tell him you need to get outside, but you are unable to speak.  He never looks at you, just moves ahead, the two of them carrying you and your companion down a dark side hall.  You finally see a dark set of doors ahead of you with a red and white "exit" sign illuminated above them.  You breathe a sigh of relief, thankful that your nightmare will soon be over.  You long for some fresh air.  Maybe the cool night air will help to snap you out of this heat induced daze.  Talon pushes the large doors open with his hip and Cade follows behind him.   You feel the cool air rush around you and you close your eyes, savoring its crisp redemption.  



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