You open one eye but it only cracks.  You see a faint light emmanating from below a closed door to your left.  You peel open your other eye and try to focus in the darkness.  The room is cold and damp.  You swallow hard and try to get your bearings.  Your throat is sore and dry making you cough and gag.  You can taste blood and salt as you try to clear your throat with what little saliva you can produce in your mouth.  You are sitting on a cold concrete floor, leaning against a large metal tank of some sort.  Your jeans and underware are pulled down around your ankles and your shirt is hanging around your neck, along with your bra.  Your eyes slowly start to adjust to the dimly lit room.  Out of the corner of your eye, you see a large cockroach scamper across the floor.  You climb to your feet as quickly as your body will allow.  You reach down and pull your jeans up roughly, trying to cover your exposed flesh.  You can feel the cold stickiness covering your thighs as you yank the pants up.  You straighten your bra out and pull your shirt back down over your naked breasts.  You nipples burn as the material brushes them.   You pull the waist closed on the jeans and become intensely aware of the bruising and pain around your hips an stomach.  You lean against the wall behind you, trying to gain your balance.  Your hand inadvertently falls against a light switch and a shadeless bulb throws a cruel white light on the room.  At your feet, a multitude of cockroaches scatter back to the dark recesses.  You cover your eyes and squint against the light piercing your retinas.   You cautiously drop your hands from your face and observe your disturbing surroundings.  Panic begins to well up inside you.  To your right, a mop in a large bucket of filthy water leans against the wall.  Towards the back of the room, you see several shelves, loaded with cleaning supplies, many covered in dust and dirt.   You choke back tears as you reach for the tattered door knob.  Your body burns with every motion.  Your thighs ache with pain and your most private recesses burn with a raw bleeding pain.   You push open the door and peek outside.  A dark gungy hallway spreads out before you.  Dimly lit florescent bulbs flicker, giving the concrete an eerie pale color.  At the end of the hall you see a green exit sign and a set of heavy double doors.  You slip out the door, limping your way down the hall and make your way outside.