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You nod accordingly, not sure where this line of interrogation is headed. 


"I collected as many of these as I could in order to return them to you.  I suspect there are still more floating around the office, but out of respect I did my best to retrieve the majority of them.  We have a tech specialist already working on wiping them from the hard drives and trying to locate the original source."


He glances up over his spectacle and hands you a manilla folder.  


"I'm sure that you understand that your continued employment here is not an option."


Your eyes dart up, rattled by his statement. 


You tentatively open the cover of the folder and are greeted with a full color printout of yourself in a very provocative position with who you think you recognize as Talon, or whatever his name really was.  You snap the cover closed and a deep purple shade of horror falls over your face.  


"Its just as well that you are here while everyone is at lunch.  Please return to your desk and clear out your personal effects. " He instructs in that same emotionless tone.  "I expect you can be out of the building before anyone returns from lunch to avoid any further disruption of business."


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