You lurch forward and twist your head around to find Ristain standing there just off the porch with his head tilted back watching the stars.  He drops his chin and looks at you.  His eyes are red and glistening and tears stain his cheeks.  


"I used to watch the stars every night."  He sighs lamentingly


"I still do"  you croak


You pull yourself from the swing and walk down the stairs to meet him, standing as near as his walls allow.  He doesn't look at you, only looks back up at the stars, obviously trying to avoid your gaze. 


"I'm so sorry"  you whimper, shaking your head. 


"For what?" He scoffs "You were honest with me.  I guess I was just overly optomistic."  Pain grips your chest as you watch another emotion fueled tear tumble down his face.  


"I wasn't honest with you" you confess solemly "I didn't want you to know how I felt....I didn't want to get hurt."


"So you hurt me instead? Thanks!"  he jeers with a crack in his voice.