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"I guess I should go?" you announce in a voice laced with query.  You turn to leave, hoping beyond hope that he will stop you and take you in his arms before you hit the door, but he doesn't.  


"ok"  Is all he says.  He follows you to the door and opens it for you. 


You feel the tears welling up again in your eyes as you walk through the door.  You really fucked this one up good. 


"Hey!"  he calls to you as you start down the stairs. 


"Yeah"  you crack through sobs as you turn to look over your shoulder. 


"Thank you for coming over" he says quietely, and closes the door. 


The tears stream down your face as disappointment and frustration pour down over you.  You wipe the tears furiously from your face and climb into the car.  You look back at the house hoping to see him running down the steps to stop you.  But the only movement you see is the lonely swinging of the porch swing in the night breeze.  You drive away, afraid that you've just seen his face for the last time. 

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