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    The next day you go into work early and patiently wait for your meeting with Mr. McAllister.  You make your way up to his office a bit early, unable to focus on much else without your mind wandering to the pain of the night before.   Your meeting goes very well.  You explain your situation regarding Ristain and request that you be assigned to a different position to avoid any conflicts.  Mr. McAllister is able to move you into another position that is still a promotion, but no where near the benefits package that you would have been earning with the accounting department.  You accept the promotion without any regrets, knowing that your own behavior was what cost you not only the job, but the rest of the happiness you were holding in the palm of your hands. You thank him for the opportunity and his flexibility and head home for the day.  


      Several days go by and you don't hear from Ristain.  You try to remain patient and optomistic, but each day, your heart breaks a little bit more, knowing that you more than likely have lost the best thing that ever happened to you.  


      One day you are sitting in your office finishing up some reports and you see Ristain walk into the office.  You glance up at him and he greets you with a half hearted smile, the kind of smile you get from someone you run into from high school ten years later that despised you.  You take a ragged breath and reluctantly pin yourself to your desk, not wanting to come across as some desperate ex.  You assume he is here to drop something off from the accounting department until he makes his way over to your desk.  


"Hey." He says flippantly, as if the two of you had no history together whatsoever. 


"Hey"  you reply with the same mundane lack of emotion.  The two of you sit there, staring at one another, waiting for the other one to make the first move.  

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