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"I was wondering if you would like to...."  


"Yes"  you blurt out before he can finish his sentence,  


He smiles warmly and glances at the ground "go to dinner tonight"  he finishes, despite your premature acceptance.  


Your face warms with the undeniable flush of pink at your overly enthusiastic reply. 


He takes a breath and speaks with a bit more confidence. "How about 7 O'clock?  the little italian place over on Reynolds?"  


"That sounds perfect" you reply in an exasperated whisper. 


He reaches down and pulls you from your chair.  He pulls you to him, wrapping his strong arms around you.  Your nearly melt inot his arms, fighting to keep your legs from buckling beneath you.  He kisses the top of your head and turns to leave the office.  your vision grows blurry with the tears filling your eyes.  You blink hard, sending streams of salty relief down your cheeks.  You flop back into your chair, breathing deeply to avoid complete and utter loss of your emotions.  

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