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You rush home and jump in the shower.  You fix your hair and your makeup,  dolling yourself up to your apex of adorableness.  You end up at the restaurant ten minutes early to ensure that there is no possible way you will be late.  the hostess seats you and you order a bottle of wine and patiently wait for your second chance.  Ristain strides into the restaurant about five minutes after the first glass of wine is poured in your glass.  You quickly gulp down the last of your glass as he makes his way to the table.   He looks amazing.  You are immediately struck by just how handsome he is.  He runs his fingers through his thick dark hair and it sends chills through your body. What the hell were you thinking when you almost let this guy go.  He is wearing black slacks and a button down shirt.  You can see that he has a fresh trim on his hair and you hope to god it was for you.  You imagine running your hands through that thick lusterous main. You smile as he sits down, thankful for how lucky you are to be getting another chance.  


"Hey" he states with an unsure quiver in his voice. 


He shifts a little in his seat, fidgiting with his fingers under the table.  It pains you to watch him suffer.  It's your fault he feels so vulnerable.  You reach across the table and he takes your hand in his.  The wave of relief that floods his body at your touch is almost tangible.  He looks down at the table. 


"I've missed you so much"  he confesses in a weak voice. "I thought I could just move on and forget about you, but you are all I think about."


You smile and take a deep breath, savoring each word. 


He looks up at you with a different expression than you were expecting or hoping for, one of pain and a deep disappointment. 

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