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"I love you.  I love you more than I ever thought I could love anyone....and I can't walk away."


He reaches into his pocket, pulls out the little velvet box and slowly pushes it to the center of the table.  


"There isn't anyone else in the world that I want to wear this more than you."


Your heart is beating a mile a minute.  You are sure you are going to pass out right there.  He opens the box and pulls out the shiny ring and slides it on your finger. 


"Will you marry me"  he chokes as tears sneak from the corners of his eyes. 


Tears pour from your eyes.  You nearly vault over the table into his arms, nodding your head madly and knocking over the glass of wine.  The two of you lock in an embrace and the patrons of the restaurant erupt into applause.  


Maybe this is going to work out after all.   

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