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    You wake up in a hospital bed.  Your throat is dry and sore due to the ventilator tube jammed down your throat.  You can see straight ahead but are unable to move your focus from side to side.   You see a doctor with a clip board walk into the room and check the machines next to you.  You try desperately to get his attention but you are unable to make any movements or any sound.  Panic races through you.  You feel as though your heartrate should be racing, but the beeping of the machine next to you maintains the same monotonous beeping.  Are you paralyzed?  What happened?  Someone talk to me!  He checks the machines and makes a couple of notes and leaves you alone with the agonizing beeping.  Across the room you see several bouquets of flowers and a couple "get well soon balloons".  


   Day after day you lay there, hooked up to that machine, unable to get anyone to pay you any mind whatsoever, with the exception of the occassional changing of the bed pan or sponge bath.  No one comes to visit you.  The mylar balloons have long since floated to the floor and the flowers have died and been thrown away.  None of your old friends make the journey to come see you.   You don't even see any of your dedicated employees taking a moment to pay their respects.  You are forced to face the reality that you will not be missed. You've spent the last years of your life inn a selfish pursuit of money and recognition.  You havent made any meaningful connections with anyone.  You always envisioned having children today, but here you lie...with no one to carry on a legacy, or even to remember you on holidays.  You suddenly feel the pain and emptiness that is your life consuming you.  All the money and status in the world will do nothing for you here, alone, hooked up to these machines.  You think back on the decisions that you have made and wonder where you could have altered your future.  Your mind flashes to him and the amazing days your spent together.  You imagine being a part of the life in the photographs you found.  Regret floods through your body as you imagine what your life could have been.  You always assumed you would have time to fill that part of your life.   Now time has run out.  

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