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Finally after what must have been weeks, a familiar couple of faces walk into the hospital room.  

"Mom!  Dad!" you scream.....but the sound only reverberates in your mind. 


They look down on you pitifullly.  They look so old.  You can't remember when the last time was that you saw them.  You were supposed to go back for Christmas the last few years but something always came up at work and you had to cancel at the last minute.  Your success has allowed you to send them great gifts and you made sure that they never wanted for anything, but at this moment, you are sure your mother would have given all of it back to spend one more Christmas with you.  It's been many years, more than you can recall since you put your arms around them.  Your mother touches your face and you see a tear fall down her cheek.  


"It's ok mom!  I'm going to be alright!"  but again, no voice escapes your stagnant body.  


Your doctor walks in and you hear him explain how you suffered a massive heart attack and that unfortunately they weren't able to regain blood flow to your brain quickly enough and you consequentially suffered a stroke that resulted in massive brain damage.  Your mother collapses into your father's arms, shaking with emotion.  He consoles her, gently stroking her hair and reassuring her that everything will be ok.  For the first time in your life and probably the last, you see the love between your parents and you again experience the gaping hole in your heart for that in your own life.  The doctor continues, telling your parents that you are completely unresponsive and that you are already brain dead.  You are essentially a shell being maintained on life support.  He presents the options to your loving parents, one of which is to shut off the life support system.  You watch as your father looks deeply into your mother's eyes.  She nods and without saying a word, the two of them communicate the most difficult decision they will ever have to make.  



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