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You make your way back to your apartment and grab your phone to dial up your bank to cancel your card.  You find it very odd that tyhe thief didn't bother to take your phone, or the cash in your purse.  You wait for the automated menu to put you through to the fraud departent and count yourself lucky in more than one regard.  


   Just as you hang up with the bank, your phone buzzes furiously with another text from Jen.  You quickly text back your dilema and her reply is a lovely picture of the three of them flipping you the bird with some captions eloquently stated in some very colorful language.  You laugh a little to yourself.   You are disappointed not to be able to join them, but it is what it is.  So much for your weekend.  So far its a complete bust.  You pour yourself a glass of wine and sit down to complete the work that Mr. McAllister so thoughtfully bestowed upon you.  


   You crack open an eyelide and squint towaard the dimly lit window.  The light coming in around the drapes is less than spectaculary bright, leading you to believe it's going to be a dismal cloudy morning.  You glance over at the alarm clock....7:35am.  Of course, why would you be able to sleep in on a weekend?  Thats just silly.  You lay there in bed, knowing full well that if by some miracle of God that you managed to fall back asleep, all you'd gain would be a headache and a sense that you'd wasted away half the day (you can thank your dad for that one).  You stare at the ceiling, wondering what today might possibly have in store for you.  It's got to be better than yesterday.  

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