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You feel as though you are going to vomit all over her perfectly manicured bare feet, and it's not the morning sickness.  


You watch as Ristain appears, walking from the bedroom.  He looks even more amazing than you remembered.  His expression transforms from happiness to a dark anger and concern the moment he sees you.  


"What do YOU want?" he growls, inflecting the word you so as to make the venom a bit more potent.  


"RISTAIN MONROE TAYNE!"  the beautiful brunette scolds coldly. "Don't be so rude!"    You'd laugh at the use of his full name if you weren't so buried in other emotions. 


"I need to talk to you.  Can I come in?"  you ask tenuously.


Ristain rolls his eyes and motion for you to come inside, making certain that you are aware that it is an unwelcome visit.  The brunette smiles sweetly and waves you in.  You have to fight every fiber of your being not to punch her in the throat.  


"This is the one I told you about Emma" Ristain remarks coldly to the stunning ten.  


Her eyes widen with curiosity and shock as she quickly folds her hands and takes a seat in the livingroom.  







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