"Oh knock it off!" grumbles Ristain, obviously directing his remarks at the stunning emotional wreck.  


Your head swims with confusion.  You can't wrap your brain around what's happening.  She clears her throat, choking back tears that you can only surmise as tears of happiness.  Either that or this girl has schitozophrenic issues that is going to require some serious meds.  


"I'm going to be an Aunie!"  she giggles.


Shock consumes your body as the words fall from her perfect lips.  Its takes a minute for all the facts to process.  That means the adulterous bitch is........his sister?


She leaps from her chair and rushes over to you, throwing her arms around you.  You don't know what to think.  You pull back instinctively like a cornered animal.  It may not be a physical wall but you have certainly trapped yourself squarly between pride and misconception.  Shawn takes a deep breath, perhaps the first since your announcement, and some of the color returns to his face.  


"Emma, can you give us a minute?" he whispers in a weak emotional voice. 


She nods and walks out of the room, patting him reassuringly on the shoulder.  


"Shes your sister?"  you ask incredulously.