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"Well yeah" she replies matter-of-factly "Who did you think she was?"


You proceed to tell Ristain the entire store, starting with the phone call and all the events since then.  The two of you sit back,  batting questions back and forth for what seems like an eternity.  Finally the conversation drones to an end with all avenues of misunderstandings are thrown onto the table in front of you.  You sit back, exhausted, feeling like you've unloaded a decade worth of stress in one unexpected evening.  Ristain looks equally exhausted, his eyes are darting back and forth like he is looking for all the answers that now seem so unclear in the wake of the revelations.  


"I should go'  you state emphatically.  Feeling like if you stay another moment it may be a moment too long. "I don't want anything from you, I just thought you had a right to know."  You stand up, as if trying to demonstrate your resiliance in the face of emminant rejection. You grab your coat and start to walk towards the door. 


"Wait!"  Ristain exclaims, jumping from his seat and rushing over to you.  You turn to face him, careful not to let your emotion show in your eyes.  It's pointless, as soon as you look into his deep brown eyes, every bit of pent up regret, sadness and longing pours into your lids and down your cheeks.  He pulls you close and buries his face into your neck. He pulls back and looks at you, his eyes wet with tears.  


"God I've missed you"  he whispers in a broken voice.  He pulls you to his lips and kisses you with a softness you never thought you would feel again.  You melt into his arms.  He pulls away from you again and drops to his knees, placing his hands on your swollen belly


"We are going to have a baby"  He chokes out before being overcome by tears.  


He whispers to the unborn baby in your belly and hugs your waist, laying his head on your stomach.  Joy sweeps through your body.  Maybe it's going to be ok after all. 



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