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You quickly stand up and back up until your against the office wall.  You turn and pull the door open, tears streaming down your face. You rush across the station, tripping over a row of chairs and carreening headlong into the lap of some dirty vagrant.  He laughs hysterically as you try to right yourself.  Suddenly a strong arm take you by the elbow, steadying your struggle.  You jump and try to rip your arm free.  You look back and see Detective Stone standing next to the vagrant, looking deeply concerned for you.  You whip your head around, looking desperately for the exit. You stumble towards the doors.  The receptionist looks up from her desk and you are suddenly able to place her.  It's the waitress from the club.  You feel as though the walls are caving in on you.   You scream out in fear and frustration and rush towards the doors, clammering out of them and nearly falling down the stone stairs to the sidewalk.   You run to your car and jump in, firing up the ignition and slamming the car into reverse, sliding out of the parking lot.  You look in your rearview mirror and see Detective Stone waving his hands at you, as if trying to get you to come back.  You speed down the road towards Jen's apartment.  You can't think of anywhere else to go. 


     You fly down the alley to Jen's apartment.  You skid into a parking spot and jump out of the car, not bothering to lock the door.  You run up the flight of stairs, skipping steps as you climb.  You stop, exhausted outside her door.  You slam on the door.

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