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You sit down next to him on the bed.  Trying to muster up an air of anything other than the sexual energy that pulses between the two of you.  


"I was just thinking....we seem to get along good.  What do you think about trying to make it a little more than a hookup?"  You are actually pretty impressed with how well you've balanced your frivilous attraction and broaching the subject of a relationship. 


Steve sighs deeply and looks over at you, dropping his head slightly. 


"Look....I like you and all, but I'm not a relationship guy.  I could lose my life any day, and the last thing I want is the guilt of a relationship weighing me down at work.  I need to be free in my private life to do my job effectively in my public one."  


His arguement actually makes quite a bit of sense.  The rejection doesn't sting much because honestly it's not a relationship you are vested in either.  


"Sounds good to me"  you start to take off your shirt, perfectly happy with things going on just as they have. 


Ethan still sits there, contemplating.  


"Look, if you really want to be closer to me, there is a way we can do it without it getting all messy." He cocks his head and looks your way, an intriguing look on his face.  




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