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"Come out with me tonight." he invites, with a glimmer of mischief in his eye.  


"Where?"  you ask, incredibly curious as to where this is going. 


"Just come.  It's something I do with my free time, and if your interested, you could do it with me."


You shrug your shoulders and nod your head.  Intrigued with the offer of more time without the committment.  


"Meet me here at 9 tonight.  Fix yourself up really nice, and bring your black trench coat."


You raise an eyebrow at him with a mixture of curiosity and disdain, when don't you fix yourself up nice? 


You agree and the two of you continue to undress and partake in an earth shaking round of hard core sex.  


You return to his apartment again at about 8:45.  You're wearing a sexy pair of dark denim jeans and a sexy red top with a plunging v neck.  You knock on the door excitedly.  Your body is quivering with excitement.  You have no idea what to expect.  


Ethan opens the door and looks at you with a hint of disappointment.  Your confidence blows right out the door on the evening breeze.  


"That's not really appropriate attire"  he states stoicly.  "Good thing I picked something up for you today."


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