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Shawn walks over to the bed in the far corner of the small studio apartment and pulls out a fuschia gift bag and hands it to you with a wicked smile.  You reach excitedly into the bright little crepe filled bag.  The first item you pull out is a pair of fishnet stockings with garters.  You smile and give him a playful  nudge.  You reach in again and pull out what appears to be a black  leather corset top with the breasts cut out and laces through silver grommets up the back.    You raise your eye brow again, growing more curious by the minute. The next item out of the fun bag is a pair of crotchless black leather panties with the same black laces and metal grommets. You swallow hard, shifting between overwhelming eroticism and abject fear.  Finally you pull a pair of spiked black heels out of the bag with silver studs on them and an ankle strap.  It is undoubtedly the sexiest ensemble you've ever even considered wearing.  Your pulse quickens as you look at Ethan, eager for some kind of explanation. 


"So you want me to put this on underneath what I have on?"  you ask quizzically.


"No, I want you to wear JUST this.  Under your jacket until we get there of course." He smiles a devious smile at you and your heart races with anticipation.     

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