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You place the items back in the bag and politely hand it back to him.  This has been fun while it lasted but now we are stepping into unfamiliar territory.  He's been one hell of an erotic ride, but it's time to come back down to earth.      You close that chapter on your life and focus all your energies on your job.  You work dilligently and eventually accept a lucrative position in another town,   You've excelled quickly in your position without the distraction of a love life.   You accept the high paying influential position and pack your bags.  You are so focussed on your work and your income that the years fly by.  You make an exorbitant amount of money and buy everything your heart ever desired.  The hot little red convertible...check, the summer home on the lake.....check........the Arabian horses you ride at your leisure at the stables...check.  You couldn't have a fuller life.       


       One day while toiling at your desk you open up your facebook page and search Ethan Trace , just for shits and giggles.  His profile pops up immediately.   You are immediately faced with your former flame embracing a beautiful blond that is holding perhaps the cutest baby you've ever seen.  You gasp a shakey breath.  I guess you were hoping he was miserable and lonely.  You certainly didn't expect him to be married with a baby.  He wasnt exaclty a domestic god!  He should be destined to be alone and destitute for his remaining days.  You page through his posts and his photographs.  Judging by the racy photographs and a little imagination, you figure he found a partner in crime for his little sexcapades.  A knot forms in your stomach as you realize you could have been that partner.    And his wife;  you can't stop looking at his wife....his gorgeous, stunning, happy wife.   Maybe that could have been you.  You click the little red "x" and let the page snap from your memory.  You sit there recounting your life.  All the stuff in the world and yet you are horribly, painfully, completely alone.  A pang of guilt and regret shoot through your chest.  The pain is almost tangible.   Again the pain shoots through your is tangible.  You clutch your chest as the sharp pain radiates down your arm.  You buzz your assistant who rushes in just in time to see you collapse to the floor.  She dials 911 and paramedics arrive almost immediately.  You look around at your employees all gathered around as the EMT's move you to a gurney.  There are tears and people covering their mouths in shock.  They all seem so concerned with your well being.  They load you into the ambulance and slam the doors behind you.  You hear the sirens begin to whir and you fade off into unconciousness as the technicians yammer back and forth in a frenzied compilation of medical terms.  

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