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 Ethan stands you up and begins to undress you, pulling your shirt over your head and kissing your neck as he tosses it to the floor.  He unbuttons your jeans and pulls them down, allowing you step out of them.  He removes your bra and pulls it down your arm, kissing his way back up your arm and down to your breasts, teasing your nipples with his tongue.  You let out a gasp, overwhelmed with the eroticism of the entire situation.  He kneels and pulls your wet panties down your legs, depositing them next to you in the pile of discarded clothes.  He takes the corset from the bag and wraps it around your naked body, pulling the laces roughly as he presses his growing erection against the small of your back.  He cinches the satin strings tightly and returns to the bed, grabbing the leather panties.  He pulls them slowly up your legs, staring into your eyes as you gaze down at him in ecstacy.   Your heart is racing faster than you have ever experienced.  You moan as he drags his fingers along your inner thigh.  He laces up the panties and runs his hands back down your legs.  He takes one fishnet thigh high and slides it slowly up your your leg, pausing first to suck on your toes.  Again his rough finger tips trace the inside of your leg, grazing the leather panties as he pulls the first one up and secures the garder around your waist.   He places the next stocking on and pulls it slowly up your leg, using his tongue to trace its path.   You tense up as his tongue slowly climbs your inner thigh.  He grabs your hips and runs his tongue along the split in the center of the leather thong.  Your legs nearly buckle beneath you.  You've never been so turned on in all your life. He places one of the heels on your foot, as if you were some oversexed version of Cinderella.  He pulls the strap around your ankle and delicately buckles the silver. He secures the buckle on the last heel and kisses his way back up your body.  He steps back and a sinister smile crosses his lips as he admires his creation.  


"Perfect"  He whispers in an deep breathy voice


He pulls your black trench around your shoulders and leads you to the car. 



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