The two of you drive for some time, not speaking a word.  You are throbbing with ecstacy and shaking with nerves,  wanting desperately to arrive at your destination and terrified that you will.   He finally pulls the black sedan into a back alley and the two of you step out of the car.   Steve hands the keys to a man standing in the alley and the two of you make your way to a heavy metal door that was red at some point.  Your stomach wrenches in anticipation and abject fear as what you assume to be the bouncer pulls the door open.  As you enter the room, Steve pulls an ornate black mask from his jacket and places it over your eyes.  He removes your trench from your shoulders and hands it to the lingerie clad bombshell at a small desk.  Your heart races and you immediately cross your arms in front of you, feeling very exposed and insecure.  Steve steps in front of you and pulls your hands back to your waist in his own.  


"It's alright.  You're safe with me.  I won't let anything happen to you that you don't want."  He whispers erotically.  


He pulls his shirt over his head, exposing his chiselled chest.   He unbuckles his belt and his pants slip down his muscular legs, exposing his enormous erection.  He shows no shame as he hands the pile of clothes to the coat check girl.  She smiles familiarly at him.   He takes your hand and leads you through a door way into a small room, dimly lit with reddish lights.  To your right a man is seated on a velvet couch with nearly naked woman straddling him and riding him slowly.  He grabs her hair and pulls her head back, making her let out an exasperated gasp.  You immediately turn your head, not sure what to do.  Your gaze immediately falls on two women sprawled out on a mattress on the other side of the room.  One is laying on her back and the other is feverishly pleasuring her with her tongue.  Several others are standing around the circular mattress watching the scene playing out.  A couple men are masterbating and another is being worked by his female companion.  One of the lone men steps up with his hard cock in hand and slides into the woman performing oral.  He grabs her shoulders and buries himself into her.  She moans erotically and arches her back, throwing her head back in ecstacy.  The one previously on the mattress rolls to her side and then makes her way underneath the woman on all fours, returning the favor, teasing her as she takes it from behind.   You suddenly feel incredibly dirty and self concious for feeling as turned on as you do by the scene.  You break your gaze from the addictive scene, looking over at Steve for approval.  He is stoking his cock slowly as he watches the orgy ensue.