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You lean over in Ethan's ear and whisper that you want to go home.  Without hesitation he grabs your hand and leads you back out the door.  He retrieves your coat and his clothes.  He stands there in the foyer and pulls his pants on.  You fight back tears, wondering what the hell you almost got yourself into.  This isn't you!   What the fuck were you thinking.   He leads you back out the heavy red door and within seconds, his black sedan is pulling up into the alley.  He opens the door for you and you climb inside, thanksful to be out of that house of sin.  You've never considered yourself a prude but that was way too much!  He drives you back to his apartment and walks inside to get your clothes.  He walks you back out to your car and opens your door.  You slip into the seat, your fishnet stocking peeking out from under your trench.  You crank the ignition and open the window.  He leans in the window and strokes your cheeks with his fingers.  He smiles sweetly and kisses you on the forehead.  You suddenly feel like an innocent child under his powerful confident gaze. He backs away from your window, maintaining your gaze, then turns.  He doesn't walk up the stairs to his apartment, he gets back into his car and pulls out of the lot.  You know where he is going.  

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