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The sight of him perched  the back of the shiny beast is absolutely intoxicating.  You thought he was sexy before, but this is just unfair on a level you can't even imagine.  You feel a heat fills your body as you think about climbing on to the bike, straddling him between your legs.  You step over to him. 


"Nice bike"  You say in a breathy sensual voice that wasn't even intentional.  You trace the red pinstriping running the length of the gas tank with your finger. 


"You like it?"  He beams.  "I just got it!  Saves a ton on gas.  Plus she's just damn sexy"  He grins a devious smile.  


Your brain works tirelessly, trying to calm the overwhelming sexual desire you feel welling up inside you.  Why does he have this effect on you?  Its like your are completely powerless when he is anywhere near you.  "Trouble"  you think to yourself.  "I am in alot of trouble"


"Climb on"  he invites, handing you the helmet. 


You glance down at your business attire and wonder if your pencil skirt possesses the kind of stretch that is going to be needed to perform this feat.  Throwing caution to the wind, you hike it up and throw your leg over the bike, straddling the seat, and the spectacular man seated atop it. 

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