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You wait for the cruiser to pull away and you roll up next to the dumpster.  You climb cautiously from the safety of your car and open the lid on the dumpster.   The black trash bag is sitting right on top.  You pull the bag from its nest and walk back to the car, placing it on the passenger side seat.  You are afraid to look inside.  You head back to your apartment.  You're not even sure what it is you are doing.  Your life just feels so out of control that you hope maybe some kind of answer will help you cope......even if that answer is only knowing what the hell happened to Jen.  You start the car and drive back home, navigating carefully and watching for any sign of the law.


  You climb the stairs to your apartment and open the door.  You carry the bag to the coffee table and set it down, not quite ready to look inside at its contents yet.   You wonder to yourself what you should do.   Do you call the police department and hope that you find someone that isn't involved or do you just look in the bag yourself to ease your curiosity and let it go like Talon so eloquently suggested.   

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