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You take a deep breath and decide that you've been living in the shadows long enough, it's time to grab hold of life and enjoy it to its fullest.  You reach over and grab Ethan by the shaft, stroking him erotically as he watches the seductive scene.   You step in front of him and kneel down, taking all of him into your mouth and caressing his smoothy shaven balls.  You glance upward at him and see him staring down at you in complete shock and utter awe.  A huge smile crosses his lips as he leans his head back, revelling in the spectacle you've created.  The sexuality in the air is intoxicating.  You have never felt so free.  Within minutes another female kneels with you, watching closely as you tease his head.  She looks at you pleadingly and you nod your head, inviting her to join you.  The two of you tangle your tongues with one another as you run them up and down his shaft.  Sharing the task of satisfying his every whim.  Another man joins the group and begins manipulating the girl next to you with his fingers, sending her into fits of ecstacy.  Steve lifts your chin towards him, inviting you to stand.  


"Do you like this?"  He asks cautiously, his eyes begging you for the answer he so desires. 


You nod your head emphatically with a quality fit for a soiled alter girl.   Your innocence lost, you descend into the depths of depravity, enjoying every sensual moment of it.  


The two of you engage in several orgies throughout the night.  You revel in the feeling of being so wanted and so desired by so many men.  Once you glance across the room while being ravaged by two men and you see Ethan staring back at you, completely enraptured by the sight of you being pleasured in so many ways.   You lock eyes with him, enjoying watching him penetrate another woman.  The two of you fall deeply into one another's gaze, lost in the naughty perversion that has finally bridged the missing piece between the two of you.   


  The two of you make the outings a regular weekend endeavor.  Your mutual deviance draws you together and you make a perfectly immoral life together. 

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