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    As always, traffic is ridiculous.  It never fails, when you are eager to get somewhere,  there is always going to be a traffic jam.  "Fuck Murphy and his law"  you exclaim and you veer off the main road onto a small residential street.  You blow thorugh the small unmarked intersections with a brief observation of each as you approach.  You are almost to work.  You start to realize that your head is swimming after pounding the few slugs of wine you gulped down.  Just as you start to think that this may not have been such a marvelous idea,   a large moving truck pulls out from a side alley directly in your path.  You yank the steering wheel to the right, sending your car sliding right, then left, narrowly avoiding the huge truck.  You flip off a mover that was directing the truck as you speed by, breathing a sigh of relief over your close call.  You glance forward just in time to see a car barrelling towards you.  You have no time to react.  You smash head on into the oncoming car.  


   You wake up with the deflated air bag dangling from the center of your steering wheel.  The interior of your car is unrecognizable.  crumpled metal surrounds you, leaving only the small area that you are sitting seemingly untouched.  You feel no pain but are unable to move your legs.  You can't see them, crushed beneath the dash that has been forced back and down.  You begin to panic, unable to pry yourself from the wreckage, or even the driver's seat.  your hands are covered in blood and your vision is blocked out periodically as a gaping head wound drains crimson down your forehead and into your eyes.  You can make out figures rushing to the scene from surrounding homes and vehicles. 

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