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You pull out slowly from your hidden position.   You quickly turn down the alley on the other side of the lot and pull up to the intersecting road.  In the light traffic you are able to see the police car to your right, heading back in the direction of the police station.  You pull out, following at a distance so as to not be noticed.   About 4 block down the road the car makes an abrupt right down another alley.  You turn at the same alley and creep slowly down the narrow passageway, afraid you may have lost him.  As you clear the corner of a building you see the cop car pulled haphazzardly next to a dumpster.  You see the officer step out of the car and pop the trunk.  You can't get a clear view of him but you are sure it must be either Cade or Talon.  He pulls the black back from the dumpster and tosses it into the dumpster.  He takes a quick look around and rushes back to his running car, speeding off down another adjacent alley. 



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