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"I changed my mind"  You hear whispered in your ear.   It's Talon.  


You bolt forward, escaping his grasp but your legs crumble beneath you sending you crashing to the ground.   You try to scream but a cruel numbness is sucking the life from your body.  Talon walks around the chair and scoops you up from the floor.   


"I was really hoping you'd have a glass of wine when you got home.  Makes this a whole lot easier."   He scoffs with an evil undertone


He sits you back in your chair and your head flops to one side.  Your vision is getting blurry.  You are suddenly aware that you feel the same way you did in the club that night.  Your eyes swivel to the wine sitting on the table.   Terror courses through your veins sending your heart rate into a frenzie.  You try to lift your arms but they only twitch and fall back at your sides.  


"I found these in your medicine cabinet!"  He holds a bottle of prescription pills in front of you, rattling them inside the bottle.  "You really do want to make this easy on me."   


He tilts your head back and you hear the pill bottle open with a snap.   He opens your mouth with his gloved hand and crams one of the oval pills down your throat, then another, and another.  You lose count after a half a dozen.  He pours a bit of the wine into your tilted head, massaging your throat to push the pills down further.   You watch helplessly as he walks into the kitchen and pours the remaining wine down the drain.  He grabs the bottle and walks back over to the chair.  She shoves the empty bottle into the bag along with the phone.  You hear him walk away again and he returns with the garbage can from your bathroom with all your discarded clothing.  He shoves the entire thing into the bag and ties it back in a knot.  He leans down over you, staring into your blank expression.  


"Don't worry....It won't be long now"  he sneers, dragging a leather finger down your cheek.   


He picks up the bag and you hear his heavy steps making his way out of the apartment, closing the door with a click.  Your stare falls on the empty glass of wine and the pill bottle sitting on the table next to you.  The little orange bottle grows fuzzier and more out of focus until it finally disappears into a fog of unconciousness.  



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