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You swivel your head just enough to see that Detective Stone is standing in your entryway with gun pointed at Talon.   


"Drop the gun Sarge"  He orders in a steady confident voice.  


"Stone?"   Talon's eyes widen with surprise and he pushes the gun forcefully against your head again.  "Ive got this under control."


"Yeah it looks like it"  Detective stone quips, without breaking his concentration.  "Drop the gun, sir."


You begin to feel your head start to swim as the drugs begin to release their toxins into your blood.   It won't be long before this confrontation won't matter any more.  You use your last bit of cognitive ability to formulate a plan.  You slump your head and allow you body to slump lifelessly into the chair.   Talon picks up on your languished response and pulls the gun from your forehead, pointing it venomously at the detective.  


"Come on Jace.  We've been to the shooting range together a hundred times.  Your aim sucks dick.  Besides, look at her, shes already gone.  Put the gun down, I'm sure we can find a way to work this out, just like we have in the past."  


Your stomach sickens with a nausea that doesn't come from the drugs.  


"Not this time sir." He states, narrowing his gaze down the barrel. 



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