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"JEN!!! JEN!!! OPEN THE DOOR!!"  You bang relentlessly on the door.   No answer.  You continue bombarding the door with your fists.  Finally you hear a door open behind you.  You swing around to find a little white haired lady peering out her cracked door at you through her chain.  


" you know where the girl is that lives here?"  you plead


She closes the door a little bit as you approach.


"I haven't seen her this weekend, now you go away."  she orders cautiously, closing the door with a click.  


You bang on the door a couple more times until, finally satisfied that she isn't home, you make your way back to the car.  


You sit in your car and bury your head in your hands.  Where is she?   What the hell happened?  The uncertainty and fear run rampant through your brain.  What do you do when the ones you are supposed to be able to trust are the demons that you are running from.   Your eyes dart upwards as you hear a vehicle crumbling the loose asphalt of the parking lot.  It's a police car creeping slowly up the alley.  You crank over the ignition and stomp on the gas, backing down another alleyway to avoid the approaching vehicle.  





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